Fidelity Login

Fidelity Investments is a financial service operating out of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a multinational company and operates a large family of mutual funds and also operates a brokerage firm. It also provides some other services but we will talk about it in other sections. We will explain the Fidelity Login Procedure in this post.

Fidelity provides financial services to the users in the US. Apart from investment services, it also provides life insurance, wealth management, retirement services, fund distribution, investment advice, securities execution, and clearance.

Following this, we will explain the Fidelity Login process and also how to register for an online account.

Fidelity Login

Fidelity Login Sign In

You need to have an account if you want to log into your Fidelity account. If you already have an account, then you can easily log in and access your account and manage it. You can log in and access your account on a PC and also on a smartphone and a tablet.

  • Open a browser on your PC or your smartphone.
  • After that, click on this link to go to the official website.
  • This will take you to the official Fidelity Login portal.
  • Once you are on the page, you will see the Login page.
  • Enter the Username and Password in the spaces provided.
  • Click on the Log In button and you will be logged into your account.

Now you will be able to check out your account and manage it. We have explained the login process and now you will see how to sign up and register for an account on Fidelity Investments.

Fidelity Sign Up

Fidelity Sign Up and Registration

Registration on Fidelity Investments is an easy process and you can set up your account in a few minutes. Here are the steps to make an account.

  • Go to the official website of Fidelity Sign Up from here.
  • This is the Login page and you will see the Register Now Button.
  • Click on the button and you will see the Registration page.
  • You will have to provide your basic identity information.
  • Enter your name, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Click on Continue and go to the next page.
  • Provide your email and choose a username and password.

Complete the steps and the website will create your Fidelity account in no time at all.

Fidelity Sign in on Android

Sign In with Fidelity on Android

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones. Fidelity Login is available as an app for the Android platform. If you have the app on your Android smartphone, then you can log in and manage your account remotely no matter where you are.

  • Open the Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for the app using the Search bar.
  • The Store will display the app right there with the Install button.
  • All you have to do is to tap the Install button and allow the permissions.
  • You don’t have to worry about the safety as the app is available in the Google Play store.
  • Once the app is installed, just open it and you will see the login window right there on the homepage.
  • Enter your username and password and tap on “Log In”.

After that, you will be able to check your online access account on your smartphone and manage it too.

Fidelity Login on iPhone

Fidelity Login on iPhone

You can also get the app on your iOS devices from the official iTunes App Store. The Login steps are pretty much the same as in the Android guide.

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on the search icon and search for the Fidelity App.
  • Once you find it, you need to tap on it to the open the installation page.
  • Tap on “Get” and tap on it once again once it changes to “Install”.
  • The app installation will be started and you’ll see the progress on the home screen on the app icon.
  • Open the app on your home screen.
  • Enter your Login details and tap on “Log In”.

This was the simple procedure of logging into your account using the app on your iOS device.

With this, we have covered all the aspects of Fidelity Login Account. We have explained three different methods to log into your account and we hope that you have them clear. If you need to find out more about the topic, contact us at FidelityLogin.